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Traditional Delicacies of Kythnos


Kythnos for sponges and puff pastries! During your stay in the enchanting Kythnos, don't miss to taste the traditional products of the island, which stand out for their excellent quality and unique taste. Discover the variety of cheese products of Kythnos and enjoy them with the local wine. For your sweet treat, don't miss the famous almond loaves, which are a tradition on many Cycladic islands. Also, the honey of Kythnos stands out for its high quality. Meat is dominated by goat, which lives freely and feeds mainly on the scarce wild vegetation, sprinkled with sea salt. Goat is usually cooked braised and lemon-flavoured, with potatoes. In Kythnos, apart from fresh meat and fish, you will also find local handicraft products such as sausages, rusks, white cheese, white cheese, thyme honey - considered one of the best, capers, clay objects due to the island's long tradition in ceramics, pasteli, traditional pies and the famous Thermionic wine.

Kythnos is a unique gastronomic destination

Do not neglect to leave the island without having tried the traditional "Thermionic" pie, a kind of cheese pie and "Spongata", a kind of cheese croquette or cheese cake made with traditional unsalted, sour in taste local Kythnos cheese.

The Kythnos cookie pie is filled with grated cheese, dill and spring onions and is an example of simple, delicious and creative cooking.

The Thermian table is simple but very tasty, because of the precious ingredients nourished by the sun and the low humidity of the arid island.