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10 places in Kythnos that will steal your heart


Kythnos "hides" precious wonders of incredible beauty and aesthetics. Picturesque little villages, countless bays with crystal clear waters to swim in, many different places to explore. Like a genuine Cycladic island, it combines white houses with blue windows and the hospitality of the inhabitants will "steal" your heart! The island has 92, yes 92, lovely beaches along with the bays and they are all accessible either on foot, by car or by boat. Most of the beaches have rich sand, but there are also those with fine or coarse pebbles.

We suggest 10 things you should definitely do to get your fill of Kythnos and more

Stroll and coffee at the picturesque port of Merichas

To get away from the daily grind and get into the holiday mood, the first thing you should do is sit down in one of Merichas' quaint cafes and relax with a cup of delicious Greek wine while gazing at the calm sea. If you're lucky enough to sit there until late afternoon, you'll get to watch the magnificent sunset!

A walk to the picturesque village of Dryopida and a visit to Katafyki cave

Dryopida, located in the centre of the island, is a village built in a valley, so that it is not visible from the sea and is protected from pirate attacks, a common phenomenon of the medieval era. Apart from the picturesque Cycladic alleys and the white houses with the characteristic blue windows, another characteristic of the village is the tiled roofs, a unique phenomenon in the Cyclades that combines the present with the long tradition of Kythnos in pottery and ceramics. It is also really worth visiting the Katafyki cave, which is located in the centre of this village. This name comes from the word "shelter" as it was used by the inhabitants to protect themselves from pirates in ancient times.

Afternoon walk in Chora

Chora or Messaria is the capital of Kythnos and is built in an amphitheatre shape on the slope of a hill. It is about 8 km from Merichas, the port of the island, and has been continuously inhabited since the 17th century. Kythnos Chora emits a strong Cycladic aura and has an authentic island atmosphere that charms every visitor. Small squares and picturesque cobbled streets with restaurants offering modern and "fishy" flavours, coffee bars, pastry shops and stores, white-coloured constructions with cheerfully painted doors and windows, steps, arches and terraces, churches and windmills make up a wonderful magical and cosmopolitan combination!

Bathing in the thermal springs of Kythnos and a walk in the Baths

Perhaps something you didn't know is that the second name of the island is "Thermia" and this is because since ancient times the island was known for its thermal baths, with its outstanding therapeutic properties. The first thing the visitor will see as he approaches the Baths is the imposing, large building that dominates the area and which served as the first hotel in Greece during the reigns of Otto and Amalia. In front of the hotel there is a beach, where at the right end of the beach there is a stream which forms a natural pool where the thermal water, which has a temperature of up to 52 degrees Celsius, ends up. Apart from the thermal springs, the area of Loutra also offers beautiful beaches and impressive landscapes that can be explored. Visitors can enjoy the sea and the sun at seaside taverns and cafes in the area!

The beach of Kolona

Kolona beach is one of the most popular beaches of Kythnos and is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. It is located at the northwestern tip of the island. Kolonas beach is distinguished for its stunning natural beauty. It has white and smooth sand, while the sea has crystal clear turquoise waters. This combination creates an image of an exotic paradise, making Kolonas beach unique! The sea rains on both sides of the strip of sand that divides the beach in two, creating two smaller beaches with clear blue and clear waters. This geographical peculiarity also protects it from strong winds, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your swim uninhibited. In recent years, sunbeds and umbrellas have been placed on a small part of the beach, while the rest is unorganized, giving you the choice. Just above where the sunbeds are there is a shop where you can enjoy your coffee or food. Since, access by road is a bit more challenging, we suggest you visit the beach by water taxi from Mericha which is only 15 minutes away.

It's time for diving

We could not fail to mention the diving center that exists in Kythnos! Due to its natural morphology, the island has a rich underwater environment. You will find thousands of species of fish, corals, sea urchins and caves and you may even discover some of the shipwrecks that are found in the waters around the island. The centres' professional divers will provide you with the necessary equipment and supervise each dive to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Did someone say something about hiking?

Kythnos offers unique opportunities for hiking, as it has a rich natural environment with beautiful paths leading to impressive landscapes and sights. If you are a lover of nature and adventure, hiking in Kythnos is an ideal choice. One of the popular trails you can follow is from Chora to Mericha. In addition, there are many trails that allow you to explore the countryside and nature of Kythnos. You can discover beaches, coves, gorges and beautiful mountains while enjoying the tranquility and solitude of nature. Our personal favourite route is the route to the Castle of Oria, with the ruins of the settlement, which was destroyed in 1570 AD and the church of Panagia Kyraleousa dominating the top, with the view from this point being breathtaking.

Discover the art of pottery

If it has not yet become clear, perhaps the most important feature of Kythnos Chora is its tiled roofs. Since ancient times the inhabitants have been engaged in the art of pottery. This was helped by the high content of clay in the soil, which is the raw material of clay.

It is worth a stop at the traditional potteries and admire the magic of clay!

A stop at Agia Irini of Kythnos

As if escaped from a fairy tale, the small village of Agia Irini with the whitewashed houses reflected in the blue waters and the chapel of Agia standing on the edge of the natural sheltered harbour, create a landscape of unforgettable peace and tranquility.


Some more of the hundreds of beaches of the island that are worth visiting during your stay on the island: Episkopi, Gaidouromantra, Skylou, Naoussa, Lefkes. The list is truly endless.